Bowed London

Here at Smart Side of Casual,we like to bring you people the here and now not what to expect next Summer because lets be honest who of you are out buying next summers wardrobe right now
So here we go a new company looking to add their own twist to a traditional look
A brand taken influences from all over the world from South Africa to London,from Glasgow to New york this new brand brings us a range of bow ties that can only be described as a must have for the daring and unique


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They’ve only went and done it again!!!

As many consumers begin to look for that new brand and some going back to good old tailors, Gabicci once again up their game with this great play on a modern blazer.
A great tailored fit with additional white piping used to extenuate the size this shows off summer class with that ever present two tone feeling that gabicci allows

Spring Summer 2014

last summer we had this bubbling under the surface many lads looking to recreate iconic looks,the icons varying of course. From Danny Dyer to Boris Becker and even some looking to Joey Essex,yes i says it.
But it has taking a full year for “lads” to build up te courage and go short
For years now we have seem beach shorts,chino shorts and even cargo shorts being the choice amongst many but this year us men have built up the courage to adourn these “little” beuats.

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